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Quality and Tradition

Since 1950 we have been giving great importance to such a small thing.

From the very beginning we have tried to combine our idea of Espresso with the needs of our stakeholders.

The company’s choices have thus resulted in quality offerings: the careful selection of green coffees, artisanal roasting, and the creation of level-headed blends, even reaching out to the world of organic and fair trade

It is around the idea of the perfect Espresso that we have created a production process fine-tuned and perfected over many years of experience and passionate research.

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From distant plantations to delight in the cup

Choose excellence Choose Caffè Haiti Rome

Since 1950 we have been giving great importance to such a small thing.

A treat in a cup

Blends in line with the high tradition of true Italian Espresso

Certified Organic Coffee

Plantations in complete harmony with the environment

Careful selection of green coffees

Artisanal roasting and Creating level-headed blends.

Certified Fair Trade Coffee

Plantations cultivated with respect for farmers' working conditions

A long love story

Roasting Caffè Haiti Roma

For more than seventy years a point of reference for so many bars in the Capital, Caffè Haiti Roma has been producing high quality roasted coffee, making excellent espresso that is the result of craftsmanship and respect for tradition. Haiti’s product quality standard and customer service capability have been recognized by the National Golden Mercury Award and the Decade of Quality and Courtesy Award

An Espresso that makes coffee tasting a unique experience is the mission that has accompanied our roastery from the beginning.

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