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Azeglio Coffee Beans 1kg


  • Intense and Strong Aroma: “Caffè Azeglio” is a fragrant blend with an intense and decisive aroma, which goes perfectly with the full taste typical of true Italian Espresso.
  • Renewed artisan tradition: With “Caffè Azeglio”, our roastery renews its artisan tradition, creating a blend that embodies the passion and experience of past generations.
  • For True Italian Espresso Lovers: This blend was created to be enjoyed by a wide audience of lovers of true Italian Espresso, offering an authentic and unforgettable experience.
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Caffè Azeglio: The Art of an Authentic Espresso

Each cup of “Caffè Azeglio” is a journey into the soul of Italian Espresso, an experience that captures the essence of a centuries-old tradition. This fragrant blend has an intense and decisive aroma, in perfect balance with the rich and full taste that characterizes the true Italian Espresso.

Imagine lifting the cup and feeling the enveloping aroma wafting through the air. The “Caffè Azeglio” represents the renewed artisan tradition of our roastery, a tribute to the passion and experience of past generations. Each coffee bean has been processed with care and dedication, to ensure a cup of Espresso that enchants the senses.

This blend was created with the aim of being loved by a wide audience of lovers of the real Italian Espresso. It is an invitation to discover the magic of a cup of coffee that tells a story of tradition and authenticity.

Choose the “Caffè Azeglio” if you want to taste the art of an authentic Espresso, where the intense aroma and strong taste come together in a symphony of pleasure. It is the coffee that embraces your Italian soul and makes you feel at home, cup after cup.


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