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Azeglio Pods Box 300 pods


  • The Authentic Taste in a Pod: Now you can enjoy all the fragrance, aroma and fine characteristics of “Caffè Azeglio” in a convenient 100% compostable paper pod, offering you practicality without compromising on quality.
  • Italian Espresso Everywhere: The “Caffè Azeglio Espresso in Pod” allows you to enjoy an authentic Italian Espresso even when you are away from the bar. It is the perfect choice to enjoy quality coffee wherever you are.
  • Machine on Request: A machine suitably prepared to use Azeglio pods is available on request, ensuring an effortless experience to prepare your favorite coffee.
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Azeglio Espresso coffee pod: Italian Espresso wherever you go

Imagine being able to take the authentic flavor of Italian Espresso with you at any time, wherever you are. With the “Caffè Azeglio Espresso Pod,” this vision becomes reality, offering you the opportunity to enjoy every sip of Caffè Azeglio with maximum comfort.

Inside each pod there is a story of excellence and passion. All the fragrance, aroma and fine characteristics that define “Caffè Azeglio” are carefully sealed in a practical 100% compostable paper pod. It is a gesture of responsibility towards the environment that never compromises the quality of your coffee.

With the “Caffè Azeglio Espresso in Pod,” every break becomes a moment of authentic pleasure. The enveloping scent and rich flavor transport you directly to an authentic Italian bar, even if you are far from home.

Choose the “Azeglio Espresso Coffee Pod” and take the best of Italian Espresso with you wherever you go. It is the perfect companion for your daily adventures, a pod that encapsulates the authenticity and passion of Italian coffee in every cup.

For even greater practicality, a machine is available on request suitably designed to use Azeglio pods, to have your favorite coffee just a few gestures away from you. Visit the “
Coffee Machines
” section.


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